Laneway Homes are finally here!

Nick Horton, salesperson.

This has been a fairly slow week for new listings, typical of mid-August. The few attractive listings that have come on the market are being snapped up and the unique properties continue to outperform. The house in Seaton Village with a laneway suite in the backyard went for $450K over asking, which is a large premium for a house on a 15ft wide lot. Properties with coach houses or laneway homes sell at a substantial premium, seemingly regardless of the market conditions. 

Speaking of laneway suites, the City of Toronto officially passed the new guidelines for building a laneway home on your property. You may have already heard about this. Here are a few interesting aspects of the new zoning bylaws that make it easier to turn your garage into a secondary unit. 

-It is not required that the new suite include a parking spot. The ground level floor can be much-needed living space. 

-Constructing the laneway suite must not require the removal or injury of a healthy tree.

-A laneway suite will not be allowed to have a rooftop deck. Maintaining your neighbour’s privacy was key to getting this new bill passed. A green roof is encouraged and allowed. 

-The maximum width of a laneway suite is 26 ft and a height of 19 feet (2 stories). The setback from the laneway is 5 feet, and the suite must be at least 16.5 ft from your house.   

-The new guidelines for laneway suites only apply to lots that are adjacent to laneways. If you do not have laneway access, you can not build a laneway suite under these guidelines.   

– A laneway suite must have two bicycle parking spaces within the laneway suite or within any required yard setback. 
-Your property must be located within certain boundaries downtown. If not, you will not be able to build a laneway suite under these new guidelines (see boundaries below). 


















-Initial permitted zone for laneway suites













-Nick, Aug 10/2018 

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