Resourceful Riverdale provides so much to enjoy!

…and why you should buy a home in Riverdale!

The people of the city of Toronto have many different options when it comes to their choice of  housing and the vibe of the location.  The diverse cultures that make up each neighborhood  create these interesting pockets of personality.

With Toronto in its current “new build” mode, I often find that potential buyers are looking for something else, something different from the typical concrete King West condo, yet with a similar price tag.

Buyers, look no further, the answer could be in the Riverdale area! I am currently listing  51 Cavell Avenue, a fully renovated row home providing many of the amenities of a condo, but without the politics of living in a building.  

While offering access to green space as well as the downtown core, including the DVP, Toronto’s Riverdale upper east side community is also within walking distance of all the wonderful restaurants and bars of Toronto’s Greektown community on the Danforth. Riverdale is perhaps best known for its multicultural atmosphere in its East Chinatown locations, and its distinct Victorian and Edwardian architecture. The individualized row homes in Riverdale provide eclectic curb appeal and also private parking space (as in the case of 51 Cavell)! Score!

Why the Riverdale area? I’ve rounded up a list of cool things to do that are unique to this area, and which make this neighbourhood such a wise investment.

  1. The Only Cafe – This place is a not-so-hidden gem, located on the Danforth, but somehow seems like a well kept secret.  The Only Cafe provides not just coffee and tea, as the name may suggest, but a fine selection of craft brews  on draught, as well as  a  wide selection of  bottled beers.   Radiating a funky vintage-style atmosphere with  pinball machines and an interesting crowd, this is definitely the spot to go with friends or even just to people watch!

The Only Cafe

  1. Withrow Park – A lush 21-acre greenspace within walking distance of Cavell Street supplies a great space to take your dog off leash.  Featuring an ice rink for winter months, park-goers can also enjoy the  public tennis courts, bike trails, ball diamonds and a wading pool in the summer.   A great alternative to a traditional gym,  Withrow Park contrast the concrete jungle of the city with  lush greenery and open space.

Riverdale Withrow Park

  1. Stany Bakery –  This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention about Greek pastries.  Tucked away in a tiny storefront on Pape Avenue, Stany Bakery provides some of the best family made Greek baklava I have ever tasted. Sandwiched between an Asian grocery store and a Danish bakery, Stany Bakery exemplifies the robust multicultural feel of this area.

Stany Bakery

  1. Riverdale Farm – Originating  in the Victorian Era, Riverdale Farm began as a zoo consisting of exotic variety of animals such as tigers and monkeys.  This space has since transitioned, from a zoo (the animals  reaccomodated to a larger space in The Metro Toronto Zoo) into  an urban farm.  Today, this space is used as an educational platform for children, teaching heritage farming practices, and housing traditional heritage Ontario pioneer farm stock.  Riverdale Farm provides a rural oasis within the city confines, and also hosts  a weekly farmers market where you can buy local and fresh grown goods.

Riverdale Farm

  1. The Wren – A saloon style bar that provides another impressive beer list as well as tasty Tex-Mex style foods. This place is fun, laid back, and lively all at the same time.  Lots of food options, a full brunch menu, and an ever rotating craft beer selection make this place a great meeting spot with friends.

The Wren

  1. Kops Records Danforth – the thrill of the find always has me coming back to this spot,  excited to dig through crates upon crates of the huge selection of vinyl. Although Danforth  isn’t Toronto’s only Kops location, this spot stands out because of its neighbourhood: with no pretensions, it’s just a straight up music lovers spot.

Kops Records Danforth

  1.  Square Boy –  This classic burger place had me at the sign. I love a vintage 1960’s design, and there’s a reason why this stand alone place has lasted despite so many established big fast food chains surrounding it. Square Boy is known for their square shaped hamburger patties, and having a really affordable meal. However, what the repeat customers know is to order the souvlaki, which is rated in the top of all souvlaki places in Toronto. Check this place out! You’ll be transported back in time.

Square Boy

  1. Danforth Music Hall –  I’m so happy that this place has re-opened again. This Music Hall provides a really great assortment of acts from comedy to various types of music concerts. I’ve seen the Kids in the Hall perform their comedy sketches here, music legend Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, ambient electronica Tycho, as well as Wolfmother blow the roof off with their guitars. When Solange Knowles toured, she played Toronto in this venue, and for  good reason. This space offers a large, yet  intimate space. The sound is really good, and even if you are short you are provided with a great view. I’m always impressed by the bookings here as well.

Danforth Music Hall

  1. Time Capsule Cafe –  Looking for a place to play some games? This cafe provides a huge assortment of board games, as well as pool tables and foosball. Small bites, as well as non-alcoholic, and alcoholic, drinks are available here, providing something for everyone. The staff that work here know so much about the selection of games, you can really ask them anything, or even get them to settle the score!.

Time Capsule Cafe

  1. The Big Carrot – This grocery store is an organic lovers dream. Providing ethical produce and alternative foods, The Big Carrot has truly been a pioneer of a health food grocery store, without the over the top granola feel. This grocery also makes foods a la carte, so you can have a healthy option for a readymade food choice. Not cheap, but it is a thoughtful choice for shopping.

The Big Carrot

  1. SauceSauce describes itself as a Victorian-Goth Bordello-Chic Lounge. Ok, whatever it is, it’s definitely working. This space is carefully curated with bright red wallpaper, and showcases an upright piano that isn’t just for decor purpose. Sauce provides live music here, with an assortment of acts, many based in Jazz and Soul. I really love the aesthetic of the space, which feels warm and vintage with 20’s style cocktails, and a great assortment of craft beers too!


  1. Danforth Brewery – There’s a coming soon sign on the website of Danforth Brewery, meaning that soon there will be a space to try their own brand of beers! There has been a recent surge of craft brewery spaces popping up in Toronto, and I know this will be a welcomed spot in the community. Looking forward to checking this spot out!

Danforth Brewery

As you can see, the Riverdale neighborhood has a lot to offer for someone looking for a variety of things to do.  Fun lively nightlife spots are equalled to peaceful outdoor spaces which provide a tranquility within T.O. 51 Cavell definitely is a worthwhile investment, as it has access to all these amenities within walking distance!  If you have any more questions about this property, or the Riverdale area, please feel free to contact me.  I’d be happy to show you all that Riverdale has to offer!

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