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Upcoming Family Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Family Day. Meet Family Neighbourhoods!

Coming right off the heels of celebrating an amazing Family Day, I started thinking about families who are looking to purchase their first home for their expanding family in Toronto.

Toronto real estate can be daunting for first time buyers, and buyers with families can experience this pressure to an even greater degree. Children and extended family require special consideration. If you are a first time buyer and buying a family home, some of the questions you may be asking yourself are:

How far can my money go towards a family home?

How much space is enough?

What neighborhoods are both up and coming and worth the value of investment?

What resources are accessible to me for my growing family in my neighbourhood?

Most of the current focus on family neighbourhoods has been on the East end of the city. We all have heard about up and coming, and now revitalized, family neighbourhoods of Leslieville and Danforth. I will not elaborate on these neighbourhoods here, as there are plenty of testimonials that can speak to the value and benefit of purchasing in these areas. Instead, I will discuss three up and coming yet under-explored areas of the city, that can also be included among the choices to consider when determining the best place to raise your family in Toronto’s downtown area.

1. Brockton Village

A growing community with an interest in building community parks and recreation has attracted many of my clients to Dundas West. I have a growing portion of clients that are showing a lot of interest in this area. The popularity of Dundas West has been undeniable with its surge of interesting bars and restaurants amidst its Portuguese influence.

This area is a great choice for those who aren’t interested in moving East. Brockton Village is full of affordable options, wood frame, smaller row houses that are proving to be a popular choice for first home families. McCormick park provides many amenities for families with its ball diamond, two basketball courts, a wading pool and a children’s playground. On the north edge of the park can be found Mary McCormick Recreation Centre and indoor pool as well as the McCormick Arena. This is a very lively centre with lots to offer year round for the community.

Brockton Village also hosts a sizeable portion of schools within its borders; Shirley Street Public School, Brock Public School, St. Helen Catholic School, and City View Alternative Senior School, all which provide a walkable school commute within its borders

Brockton Village Homes For Sale:

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2. The Upper Beaches

The close-knit family feel and closeness to nature makes this area one of the best investment locations for growing families. While we hear so much about the Southern Beaches area, Upper Beaches is quickly providing more and more amenities for this demographic, and homes are much more affordable within these borders by comparison.

The Upper Beaches has a very close knit neighbourhood feel and also possibly hosts one of the most beautiful (and least city-like) nature trails; The Glen Stewart Trail. This trail links Upper Beaches right down to Lake Ontario, can’t get much more outdoorsy than that! Currently, there are many great schools that are found in Upper Beaches, as well as family friendly restaurants and coffee shops. There are upcoming plans for former award winning brew master of Montreal brewery Dieu du Ciel to be setting up shop in the Upper Beaches with a “beer laboratory”.

Upper Beaches Homes For Sale:

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3. The Stockyards

Perched north on the top edge of the Junction, this area has recently undergone major developments that make it a great investment for families. New town home and single family homes have been developed on either side of the Stockyards shopping centre, providing more affordable options. The development of the Stockyards and the new housing has increased easy accessibility to resources and has been a boon for the area. It is actually hard to recognize this part of town after all the major development that has gone on in the past 10 years. What once was an industrial hub, has turned into a massive urban shopping centre.

While it is easier to own a car out here, it is the St. Clair West streetcar project that created the impetus for the development of this neighbourhood. The Keele bus is also one of the faster routes on the TTC and makes it easy to visit the heart of the Junction or access Keele subway station. As the Junction continues to become more popular, families looking for value should take a peak at what is available just a bit further north.

The Stockyards Listings:

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Toronto has much to offer growing families. From community centres and green space to accessible shopping, the downtown core has something unique to offer to every family;. Each spot providing a close, community feeling with access to a multitude of accessible amenities. . Call or text to make an appointment with me today, to discuss I can help you to meet your family’s specific needs.