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245 Carlaw Ave, Toronto | The Wrigley Lofts Review

It may be the numerous people who worked or lived there, the families it fed or the hope it gave to new immigrants.  It may be the feeling that something real and true existed in the space long before you did. It’s palpable. It’s engrained within the pillars of a truly great home.

Maybe it’s character, if so, the Wrigley Lofts have it.

But the Wrigley Lofts don’t standout only because they have character. They standout because the concept was a beautiful idea.  Originally, the units were sold as raw space with only roughed-in utilities, leaving each individual unit as the title holders palette. A true loft lovers dream.

Finished in 1998 before the real estate boom, the concept of selling raw space on this large of a scale is unlikely in today’s downtown real estate market. Land is significantly more expensive and developers have deeper pockets able to finance the project from shovel to paint. Selling a fabricated lifestyle and up-selling finishes from a manicured on-site sales office is now development 101.

The old chewing gum factory is anything but fabricated; rough stainless steel accents in the hallways. Plumbers pipe as hand rail in the stair well. Functional fright elevators and original warehouse windows. All that is missing is the smell of spearmint.

Located on Carlaw Avenue, south of Dundas Street, the Wrigley lofts are part of what is quickly becoming Leslieville’s loft district. The Garment Factory lofts are next door. The I-Zone lofts are across the street and the Printing Factory Lofts are just north of Queen Street. As well, there is commercial loft space readily available. It is to be seen what impact other then escalating land prices the development of Carlaw Street has on Leslieville, but the owners and tenants in Wrigley should fit the east end mould just fine.

(Originally written in 2010)

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